On Building a Daily Habit of Continuous Learning
Andrew Savikas

The desire for continuous self-improvement and becoming a lifelong learner is pretty much hindered within the first 12+ years of your education. I’m so glad Andrew brought up Montessori since this type of schooling creates excitement around learning and teaches kids to explore different avenues to learn. Today’s educational system is not teaching exploration or fostering individuality. It is teaching to standardized testing to ensure financial and reputable success of a school.

To desire to learn needs to be enforced and encouraged. We need to support learning in different methods (iPad, book, videos, games, lectures). Promote individuality and encourage trial and error so that we can learn from mistakes. If everyone got an F because they didn’t understand something — that would squash my desire to learn. It creates self-doubt and a negative stigma to learning in general.

Start early. Encourage exploration and promote learning as great opportunities to expand a horizon, not strive for standard.

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