Are We Nickel-And-Diming Our Friends With Mobile Payment Apps?
Meghan Modafferi

I think Venmo’s real strength is in large group or shared expenses — I know roommates who use it to organize rent & utility payments, & it came in super handy at a bachelorette party this weekend where everyone was fine with splitting the dinner check evenly but we didn’t want to burden the server with 8 different credit cards. It’s also super easy for me to charge my sister for her half of the holiday gifts I send our parents ;)

Letting go of the small stuff though, & trusting it will come out in the wash (or I’ll be ok if it doesn’t), is one of the greatest pleasures of growing older. Knowing that my budget will self-correct itself in a day or two if I cover coffee or lunch or a movie ticket for a friend is such a lovely & welcome change from my early 20s on an entry-level salary.

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