Giant Steps: Celebrating an important milestone

Adorable. That’s the best way I can describe my son’s preschool graduation. The blue graduation caps made out of Bristol board, their infectious smiles, the songs they sang to the audience. It. Was. Adorable. I was a proud mommy.

People may argue that preschool graduation is unnecessary and over the top, but I disagree. Essential social skills begin to develop during the earliest years of life and preschool provides an atmosphere to instil those skills. Children get to put their manners into practice, share and play with others and build special relationships with other adults that aren’t family members.

The teachers at my son’s preschool guide, the kids, development in so many ways; they nurture and help children navigate their prosocial behaviour, teaching them how to be part of a group, respect each other’s opinions, listen, and share ideas without putting somebody else down. These are important learning milestones to celebrate.

For many children, preschool graduation is the first formal experience that’s all about them, and it’s special. My son asked to wear a bow tie, and luckily I had a gold coloured one ready for him. He was thrilled to wear his navy blue sweater vest, fancy pants, and his gold bow tie. And he instructed the rest of the family to dress up for his special day!

The graduation took place at a local church hall, and the ceremony had just enough detail for the kids not to feel overwhelmed. Each class performed a few songs, and then all classes joined to sing the grand finale song, “leaving on a school bus.” There’s something so delightful listening to a large group of children singing in unison. I could listen to it forever.

After the performance, each child was called onto the stage one by one and presented with their diploma. When my son’s turn came, he casually strolled across the stage with his hands in his pockets and gave us a big thumbs up sign and a goofy grin. Priceless!

My son is my second child, and baby of the family so this preschool graduation marks the end of an era for me as a mom. This September I’ll have two school age kids, my days of raising preschoolers are over, but I’ll always hold the sweet memories close to my heart.

The preschool graduation let me savour this moment in time and reflect on the giant steps my son has taken. I’m often stunned at how quickly my kids are growing up and how fast these milestones keep happening. It’s heart-wrenching and wonderful all at once, and I’m so grateful for it all.