The Trouble with Barbie
Maureen Sherry

I was so entrenched in the story that I couldn’t stop reading! I’ve been in the tech industry for over ten years so I can relate. Ninety percent of the time, I’ve always been the only woman in the room. Most women have no idea how men really behave in high pressure high reward environments.

A few years ago, I helped prepare the business plan for one of the start-ups I was involved with. It was a very difficult task. Yet when the time came to meet with the venture capitalists, my job was to simply “provide coffee and muffins”. I felt so out of place. I went along with it anyway because I was young and didn’t know what else to do. If the same thing happened to me now, I’d tell “F*ck You! Go make a run to Starbucks yourself”.

Great story and looking forward to the book!

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