Yvonne Metiche

I’m frustrated by the false equivalence — I shut down the racist comments at the Thanksgiving table. I don’t tolerate that kind of language, never have, not gonna start it now.

I’m standing up for POC — but I’m also standing up for the LGTBQIA and Jewish communities who are also under attack and don’t necessarily wear their otherness as easily. If I were going to wear it, it would be for ALL people who need it. And hell yes, it might put me at risk of more than just name calling.

But at this point, why would I bother? I can’t win. Because of the color of MY skin, I’m perceived as not caring, not doing enough, and taking the easy way out. And you know what? You don’t know ME, or who my family is. That kind of attitude and those assumptions are just as dangerous for making any kind of headway.

In the words of my Nana, a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothin’. You’ve got to start somewhere.

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