Jill Feldstein, left, and Tamala Carter of the Penn Center for Community Health Workers.

Pictured, left to right: Mike Rispoli, Evan Sanchez, James Thompson.

Messaging the January 6 Capitol Events to Your Audiences & Preparing for the Days to Come

  • Extended and widespread misinformation campaigns
  • Hundreds of decisions tied up in lawsuits
  • No clear winner for weeks / months…

Reflections from a community gardener

April 29, 2050

“If we provide information, then the public will take action,” said journalism.

“If we provide the degree, then students will then have economic mobility,” said higher education.

“If we make good policy, then our communities will function,” said the government.

Photo: Kathy Miller.

Jennifer Brandel

Accidental journalist turned CEO of a tech-enabled company called Hearken. Founder of @WBEZCuriousCity Find me: @JenniferBrandel @wearehearken wearehearken.com

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