Is it possible to promote design thinking without shoveling up a condescending caricature of a…
Steve Marantz

Hey Steve! My intention was not to offend you or any journalist reading this and so my apologies if my framing came off as insensitive or condescending.

I have deep respect for reporters, editors and care deeply about the direction the news industry is headed in. Completely agree with you that news workers have always had their antennae up. I’m proposing that in addition to relying on those antenna being available to catch the possible signals, giving the public the explicit opportunity to send a signal somewhere it’s sure to be seen and considered. Passive vs. active.

Reporters have so many demands on their time, if they don’t have to solely hunt for everything themselves and instead can have good catches delivered straight to them, it makes the process of finding important story ideas that much more efficient.

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