Birthday Present Art (#1)

I am trying to give out art as birthday presents to both get me back in the saddle as well as to try and sharpen my skills.

Note: I do not own the image of Totoro, I merely overlaid my image of my friend in the style of My Neighbor Totoro.

A little background: My friend is a HUGE (no pun intended) fan of My Neighbor Totoro and I am an artist. So. Naturally. This is what I decided to give him for his birthday!

Details: This was created in Adobe Photoshop (PS) using a few stock photos to get the positioning right on the body, two photos of my friends face, and the handy-dandy paint-brush tool in PS. It took approximately ~5 hours.

What I learned (if anything): I am especially proud of this work because it’s not perfect, but I’ve accepted that I LIKE that about it and it doesn’t have to be. I am accepting that perfection is fine, but sometimes it’s just better to finish it before I forget or lose interest. This has been somewhat of a battle for me and my controlling ways, but I believe I am getting better; not in a laissez faire kind of way either!