So, why did I conceive this?

I believe as women, we have a chance to tap more easily into a part of ourselves each week . One that nourishes intuition, creativity, receptivity or reflection within ourselves. Depending on the phase of our hormonal female cycles. So, I created ORAL CONCEPTIVE to function as reminders of which 7-day-phase a woman is experiencing during this internal, innate and intimate process.

I wanted to help women to remember there is a time for everything. Remember to give themselves a break. Remember to give themselves a push. Remember it comes and goes. But most of all, I wanted them to know that this powerful ebb and flow is being continuously threaten not only by societal culture and demands, but also by ingestion of artificial hormones. I only discovered this once I’ve experienced in my own body the freedom of not taking birth control pills. For the first time in more than a decade, I was bleeding like I used to; I felt hunger like I am supposed to; I had to rest like I deserved to; I had sex like I always wanted to. And once I knew this, I couldn’t hold on. I had to share it with other women. That’s how CONCEPTIVES | Art Project was born.

ORAL CONCEPTIVE card sets will be distributed during opening night of Extra-Sensory Perception | Feminist Art Show. In return, I’m just asking for a small donation to Womanspace, a non-profit organization in NJ dedicated to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and to Planned Parenthood. These ORAL CONCEPTIVE cards will be presented inside birth control holders, that I’ve collected during the last 5 years I submitted my body to oral contraceptive consumption. Each of the 50 pouches will be inserted with a set of 4 cards. By repurposing birth control holders I’ve accumulated over the years, I am taking control over my own cycles and reclaiming each phase my body is experiencing. At the same time, I hope to raise awareness of what we, as women, might be loosing when we interfere with our natural hormonal cycles by absorbing artificial hormones via oral contraceptive consumption.

And if you cannot make it to Extra-Sensorial Perception opening night, don’t worry, the set of images, ORAL CONCEPTIVE can be downloaded as wallpaper/ screensaver for digital devices and be used as cycle reminders on computers or mobile devices. Just go to ttp:// to download it. ORAL CONCEPTIVE is only one element of my art project. To see the complete CONCEPTIVES | Art Project visit

Originally published on March 22, 2013.