Blog Project #2

Format: Campaign

Audience: Women

Purpose: To show women what real beauty should be.

This campaign is effective because it shows different women feeling beautiful. It shouldn’t matter what size you are, the color of your hair or even your race. This campaign shows all different women and they look happy in their own skin no matter what they look like.

Blog Project #3

Format: Comic/ Illustration

Audience: General Public

Purpose: Shows how much control the airport security has over us.

This illustration is very effective. It shows how much authority the airport has over, if we don’t follow the rules they will not allow us to fly. You can see the alert sign about the underwear bomber which is the reasoning for making them remove their clothes. Also the expressions on their faces are all different, some like they expected it, annoyed and shocked. The quotes underneath the comic states what has happened in the past, so it was just a matter of time before it became to that.

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