Chasing Grace Project Debuts Series at Portland Premiere Screening Event

Mar 28, 2018 · 2 min read

On Sunday we premiered the first episode of The Chasing Grace Project, Eighty Twenty, which focuses on the pay gap. We met a number of women in the episode but closely followed the stories of two of them who learned their male colleagues were making significantly more money doing the same or lesser work. We watched and listened as their stories unfolded about how they each responded and what the impact of having that knowledge was on their personal and professional lives.

The audience also got to hear from LadiesGetPaid Co-founder Claire Wasserman during the episode about the economic impact of the pay gap on both women and our society. And, there was slam poetry. Yes, there was. And from what we gathered at the afterparty, it was among the most emotional elements of the piece. Thank you, Lauren Brazzle Zuniga.

We hope the episode, like the other five we’re producing, will seed constructive discussions that can can confront and acknowledge adversity, allowing women to be seen and heard for their experiences and to showcase their resilience and the support of the men and women in their lives to help them chart successful careers in tech. As I shared Sunday night on stage, we need both men and women to build the future. It is necessary that we recruit and retain female talent right now. We hope this series can help.

Thanks again to Intel, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Linux Foundation, Red Hat, PDXWIT and many others for their support of this Project. We’ve just begun.

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