Female Founders: Writing Code in Six-Inch Heels

Sep 14, 2018 · 2 min read
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Kathryn Brown

All-women teams receive just 2.2% of all investments by venture capitalists. That’s $1.9 billion compared to $66.9 billion for all-male teams.

That’s more than a wage gap; that’s an opportunity gap and societal gap. When women have access to capital, they often invest in other women and build more diverse leadership teams. Cindy Whitehead of The Pink Ceiling says it best:

“We talk all the time about how women need a voice. We don’t need a voice — we need power. Money is power. I say that confidently because the data shows that when women have that power, they pay it forward. They invest in other women, and they invest in their community.”

This is proving true. Just a few months ago, 37 lead female investors came together to found the nonprofit All Raise, which is dedicated to diversity in funders and founders. This is just one example of many similar efforts under way. This is exactly what Whitehead is referring to — women in positions of power and economic privilege paying it forward to women like Kathryn Brown, the woman we’re featuring today in our ‘Meet the Women of Chasing Grace’ series.

Kathryn has been a part of the startup culture since very early in her career, having been on the team of a TechStars company in Boulder that ended up relocating to New York. When that ran its course, she picked up and moved across the country to Portland, Oregon where she found her way to code school. She knew she wanted to start her own company and build her own technology. Code school was the first step and it opened her eyes in a number of ways.

“The way you think is being actively judged during code reviews.” — Kathryn Brown

In this short interview, Kathryn shares more about that experience and reminds us that we can both wear our six-inch heels and build the best technologies in the world.

A woman after my own heart. Please meet Kathryn.

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