Nominations Open for Chasing Grace Project Advisory Board

Today we’re opening nominations for The Chasing Grace Project Advisory Board, which will help us quickly identify trending topics and stories that are perhaps just starting to emerge in the women in tech narrative.

We’ve talked to hundreds of men and women from all over the world to inform the stories we tell and the treatment we give them in The Chasing Grace Project. Those conversations continue. I’m conducting interviews this week and next, for example, to inform our next episode about female founders. But we know we can have a much bigger impact with the help of an AB, whose members are attending events and are involved in conversations that we aren’t. We can’t possibly be everywhere all the time. The AB will extend our understanding and reach.

The AB will also help us identify and connect with funding sources beyond our earliest supporters — Intel, Red Hat, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Linux Foundation and PDX Women in Technology. We’re fortunate to be receiving interest from the entertainment community and are experiencing increasing demand for screenings and episodes. But we require additional funding to realize the full potential of this work.

Also, when we named The Chasing Grace Project, it was by design that we included ‘Project’ in the title. We wanted to leave a space for the Project to evolve and grow. The docuseries is the anchor for the work we’re doing; it’s raising awareness about the experiences of everyday women in tech and and is seeding constructive conversations. But we are open to how the Project might become a natural venue for converting those conversations into action and how it might be a conduit for that kind of work. The AB will help inform that possible evolution.

We’ll be appointing six AB members to form a total board of seven people, including me. We’ve already appointed two members: Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, Abby Kearns, and longtime tech journalist and Business Insider’s Chief Technology Correspondent, Julie Bort. The nomination process seeks to identify four more appointees.

Board members should have access to and influence in a variety of communities in tech. They should also lend their expertise and networks to the Project and have demonstrated expertise on diversity and inclusiveness in the tech industry.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please fill out this brief Google form. Nominations will close April 30, 2018.