What’s the Secret to Choosing the Right Eyeglasses?

Once you have your eye exam, you completed the easy part; what comes next proves to be the hardest part for many people — choosing the eyeglasses. How do you know the difference between what is right for you and when you are getting ripped off? Because the process can seem overwhelming, you need to take it slow. First, don’t feel obligated to purchase from your optometrist’s office, you have the option to purchase spectacles online as well as any discount store once you have a prescription in hand. So before you take that big step, here are some tips to follow.

Do your Research

Before you step foot in an eyeglasses store or look for spectacles online, do your research. Figure out the type of frames that would suit you best and what to look for in those frames. For example, if you prefer wire rims, you want to stick with titanium because it offers the most durability. No matter what type of frames you choose, pay close attention to the hinges — spring hinges might seem like the best choice, but they break easier than standard hinges. When you do your research online, you will know some of these things, therefore having a better basic knowledge of glasses frames, enabling you to have an educated conversation with the person helping you. This also helps you to avoid being taken advantage of when a salesperson is trying to make a sale.

Decide on your Price Range

Glasses can be costly, but if you budget right, you can get a great pair of glasses that are within your price range. If you are the trendy type that needs designer eyewear, be prepared to spend a little more on your frames. If this is something you desire, you might want to shop online as well as in stores. Comparison shopping gives you the opportunity to find the best price for the glasses you fell in love with after trying them on. You might be surprised to find a $50 to $100 difference on frames when you shop around. If designer brand names are not important to you, then consider the materials that will fit within your price range and start looking there in order to narrow things down.

Know What Add-Ons are Necessary

There are numerous add-ons that you can purchase for your lenses, but how do you know which are right for you? The best step is to ask your eye doctor during your exam. Inquire about special things such as anti-glare, light adapting lenses, polarized sunglass protection, and UV protection. Depending on the reason you need glasses and where you will wear them, you may not need any of these add-ons, but getting the professional recommendation of your eye doctor will give you the best outcome. You would regret not purchasing something that you needed for your glasses, but you do not want to spend excessive money if it is not necessary.

Consider Your Personality

Your glasses frames are a part of you, especially if you must wear them around the clock. This means you need to love your purchase or you will find yourself not wearing them as much as you should. You can find the latest designer eyeglasses collection with top quality material online to help you get the most for your money because online retailers do not have the overhead that in-store retailers do. Before you purchase your glasses, though, make sure you try them on somewhere in person or purchase a pair that is similar to the glasses you already own so that you know they are a style and shape that looks good on you. One of the best tips to choose eyeglasses that suit your personality is to consider where and when you will wear your glasses and work around that style. If they are everyday glasses, make sure the style and design will coordinate with a majority of your outfits. For example, choosing bright purple frames might seem fun and exciting, yet when you wear them with your everyday wardrobe or office attire, you might feel embarrassed. Try to avoid getting caught up in the trendiness of the newest designs and instead choose a pair that fits your lifestyle the most. If you have the budget to purchase a second pair, make that pair your fun, exciting, once-in-a-while pair to make it a little more glamorous.

Choosing eyeglasses is one of the hardest decisions, but when you do it right, it can be less overwhelming. Don’t dart right to the store and start trying glasses on before you know what it is you need and what will suit your style. Browse designer eyewear online to see what is available before you head to the store so that you have an idea of what to expect and avoid getting overwhelmed at the hundreds of choices available or get discouraged when a certain style does not look good on you.