Put a Lid on it.

Here’s what was bothering me all day: the pauses towards the end. I wanted the messaging in my #AltMBA inspiring video to be building, to be graceful and fluid and poetic in beat. I knew that a choppy message (as inspirational as I could make the verbiage) was not going to have the same impact.

But the truth was, my kids were not napping. And my husband (after 4 consecutive Sundays solo parenting) needed a break. So I filmed my video, shipped it and told myself that perfect is the enemy of the good.

It wasn’t bad. I was proudish of the work. But all day today it ate at me a little bit, the fact that there was probably only 20 more minutes of practicing to make it SHINE.

So tonight after the kids were asleep, I did it again. Before I started, I imagined the persona of viewer I was most trying to reach, someone who has done her homework, who knows fair market value but is STILL daunted by asking for it. I held her in my mind as I tried take after take… and finally I got all the way through it, feeling authentic and warm and intimate. And inspiring.

I feel so much better.

I write blog posts (and now videos?!) to address the kinds of problems that the humans I interact with are encountering, it’s true. But in my sweetest heart of hearts, I am also writing these messages for my own inner self, the one who is very good at her work. And who sometimes doubts its value.

Through teaching the hard stuff, I get stronger at it. And I am ever, ever grateful for the chance to do so.