The Secret Underground Cool People

I had a hard time during my freshman year. I was still finding my way, totally uninterested in Greek life, trying to make a long-distance relationship work, missing having my own bedroom. Somehow I knew that the only way to cement my peace with college was to help someone else through it.

So sophomore year I became a freshman RA. I was responsible for 32 young women, shepherding them through the first year away from their families. I baked box cakes for their birthdays. I made giant posters to keep track of habit-building streaks for those who wanted to quit smoking. And often, maybe once a week, I sat with someone who needed a good cry on my couch.

She was lost. Or she was overwhelmed. Or she was scared. Most often, she was lonely.

“I know how you feel,” I would say quietly. Because I really did. “And you know what? You need to look for the secret underground cool people. They do not look like obviously popular guys or girls. The secret underground cool people are unique and deeply smart and curious and they each want to be someone.”

Helping others find their secret underground cool people has been a life quest. I did this work when I became a mother (Mom’s Group!), when I worked at an agency (hiring happy hours!) and, now, with Plucky.

So Now You’re a Manager is designed for the secret underground cool people.

Cohort 3: Philadelphia

It is not for the power-hungry. It is not for the title-seekers. It is not for People Who Know All The Answers.

So Now You’re a Manager is filled with the exact people you would love to be trapped next to at a dinner party. They are introverts, they are extroverts, they are in tech, they work at chocolate factories, they want to LEVEL UP and they are completely lost in the accidental promotion they just got.

What they have in common is this: they are deep in the work of shepherding human beings in workplaces. And they are ready to find camaraderie, laugh together at the victories and hold space for the work.

Cohort 2: San Francisco!

I sold out the 3rd event in Philadelphia two months ago; I’m gonna sell out this 4th event. Because more than anything, I want to be in a room with no less than 20 secret underground cool people in Oakland.

Every single time, these events have been the stuff my career-worthy memories are made of… and I know Oakland will be no less.

Will I see you there?

Cohort 1: Brooklyn!