Why one NGO founder has chosen to go against the grain

Lief is not looking to expand their work to other geographies because he believes that depth is more important than scale in development work. To that end Ubuntu is expanding its campus, building a vocational training college and doubling the size of its early childhood program.
In a recent interview with Devex, Jacob Lief shed light on his journey, on setting his own rules, and developing what has become an internationally recognized model for community development.

Words to live by:

Ubuntu’s work is to help children from difficult backgrounds succeed. What advice do you have for young people with great business or social change ideas who might feel limited as a result of their place of birth or socio-economic background?
Surround yourself with people who have a different set of skills and are smarter than you. And really build a team. Nothing successful was ever built by an individual. Everyone wants to focus on the social entrepreneur but really it should be focused on the leadership team. Find yourself strong mentors, people who can really help you and be there for you. Learn to celebrate small successes and make sure that you are happy.