“What Works” Week 4


This article was eye-opening for several reasons, but the main one is that I was not aware that some news sites are manufactured by Facebook. In fact, I have seen many of these sites, like The Other 98%, on my news feed. Upon glancing at these articles, I can tell that the source is not on the same level as a source like CNN or FOX News.

Facebook’s Political Machine

On the flip side, social media is a major factor in determining a presidential candidate’s numbers and standing. This is explained by statistical and analytical examples within the article — which made the piece stronger as a result. The main question this article poses to readers is “What is Facebook doing to our politics?”

However, political discourse and Facebook are a part of the same whole. They are both avenues where opinions and ideas can be presented and discussed. It is a political agenda and media element used primarily through one social media outlet.