This is a tale to tell in bits and pieces. In essence, it’s about sacrifice, as well as keeping dreams alive.

This is the story of one person hoping to lead a better, more fulfilling life. Starting next week, the first of November 2015 to be exact, I’ll be trading in the comforts of a cozy home in the quaint city of Portland, Oregon for a fixer-upper in the sticks. This is not about being pushed out due to the rising costs of living in Portland, but rather the costs of distraction. The goal is to eventually have more time allotted to creative endeavors- mainly music, but also writing, photography, and design- and to share it all right here on the “interwebs”, as my band mate Jon, calls it. Jon, his wife Jessica, my partner Brian, and I all play in a band called Denim Wedding, and we are making this move together. Also joining us are Sullivan, Jon and Jessica’s 3-year old son, a dog named Stella, and two cats- Brother and Sister. It will not be a distraction-free zone by any stretch, as Sullivan is more than a handful, and the indoor cats will have to learn to co-exist with a dog and child, not to mention the great outdoors. But in time, I imagine we’ll all settle down and settle in.

The property itself is one of the key driving forces of this move. Forty-five minutes northwest of Portland lies the Scappoose-Vernonia highway, and off the middle of that highway lies the Chapman Grange, and that grange sits directly on the property- a 2,000 square-foot, beautifully renovated performance hall. The aim is to eventually open this space up for happenings approved by the board of DW (aka, Denim Wedding). In the meantime, we have loads of work to do, involving everything from installing bathing facilities to turning the garage into a recording studio to making a cavernous basement livable. This is about the old American Dream from a creative standpoint. I hope you’ll join me.

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