Best Recipe for a DIY Spa Treatment

Want to treat yourself well? Give yourself an absolutely amazing spa treatment at home. Not only will you save a little money, but you’ll bask in the glory of your new found rejuvenation.

Here is the best recipe for your home spa treatment. If you feel like swapping out some of the “ingredients”, feel free to do so. After all, it’s YOUR spa day, and you can do anything you want.

Step 1 — Start with a clean and quiet environment.

Let’s face it. When your home is a mess and your family is running you ragged, it’s hard to settle into a DIY spa treatment. I’m not telling you to get the scrubber to start cleaning the tub, or telling you to ditch the family. Simply put, time your spa treatment on a day or night when the house is clean, quiet, and less distracting.

Step 2 — Set the mood.

Setting the mood is key to helping you relax. Here are the things I prefer to have around me in my own home spa sessions:

Favorite music — Whether it’s soft and relaxing or beloved torch songs, put the music on to help set your mood.

Lighting — Do you love candles? Do you love a string or two of Christmas lights? Do you prefer a colored lightbulb or a projector light that makes you feel like you’re under water? Whatever your preferred lighting, avoid the harsh overhead lighting and go with something that will help soothe your nerves.

Favorite bath products — You have so many options to choose from! Will you make yourself a milk bath with some rose petals, or do you prefer bath salts or fizzers? Go with your gut instinct and select the bath products that suit your current mood.

Bath accessories — Grab the bath accessories you’ll want and put them within reach while you’re in the tub. No need to expose your skin to the cool air if you plan ahead and bring the razor, shampoo, and whatnot down to your level.

Food and drink — Why not pour yourself a glass of wine or fix yourself a tray of yummies to enjoy while you’re soaking in the tub? If you’re lucky enough to have a doting husband, perhaps he can bring you a treat and a nice drink while you’re soaking. Either way, indulge and revel in the decadence.

Time — Give yourself lots and lots of time for your spa session, for it goes way beyond the bath time. Perhaps you want to do a facial mask first and then lie down for 20 minutes before you hop in for a soak? Whatever you want to do, make sure you don’t rush things. After all, time to yourself is the reason you’re doing the spa thing, right? Slow down and enjoy.

Dreams and wishes — Now is not the time to think harsh words or be self critical. If you have big dreams and goals, your spa session is the perfect time to think them up in all their glory while you’re treating yourself. You can even gaze at your candles if you like and say a few prayers about what you want. Your quiet spa session and the music will send your thoughts into the ethers, helping to make your dreams into reality. Why not dream big?

Step 3 — Marinate in the glory of your new, rejuvenated state-of-being.


Now that I’ve given you the recipe for the best do-it-yourself spa session, I’ve talked myself into taking one right now. I’ve been itching to do my monthly facial using my Gold Elements Truffle Infusion skin care products, which I love. I may as well pamper myself this evening so I can pour myself into bed and wake up with fewer wrinkles. Won’t that be a great way to end the day!

If I’ve missed anything from this recipe, I hope you’ll fill me in about your key ingredients. I’d love to hear your comments.

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