Gold Elements Skin Care Trial — Before & After

Today is Tuesday, November 24, 2015, and I am embarking on a year-long experiment with Gold Elements skin care products.

Today, I will begin using products from Gold Elements, a luxury skin care line that infuses gold into each product, and sometimes truffle oil. Wowza! I have the following Gold Elements products, and I will be using these over the course of the year (Nov. 2015 — Nov. 2016):

Left to Right: Decollete Cream, Golden Salt Scrub Supreme, Body Butter Supreme
  • Golden Salt Scrub Supreme
  • Body Butter Supreme
  • Decollete Cream
Lionesse White Pearl Facelift Filler
  • Lionesse White Pearl Facelift Filler
Truffles Infusion Neck Serum
  • Truffles Infusion Neck Serum
Intensive Cleansing and Softening Toner and Lotion duo
  • Intensive Cleansing and Softening Toner
  • Intensive Cleansing and Softening Lotion
D’or Facial Peeling Cream and D’or Facial Cream
  • D’or Facial Peeling
  • D’or Facial Cream

I am very excited to see what the Gold Elements products will do for my skin. To record my Gold Elements skin care trial, here are my “before” pictures:

Here are my official “before” shots, taken on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, with all my wrinkles and no makeup.

As the year progresses, I’ll take pictures and report how my face and body react to the Gold Elements skin care products. Until then, I encourage you to go meet the Gold Elements staff in Carmel, California. The store is located at the NW Corner of Ocean and Dolores, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93921. Below is the contact information for Gold Elements in Carmel. Please “Like” or “Follow” their social media channels to stay abreast of special events and offers:

Facebook: Gold Elements Carmel

Twitter: @GoldElementsCA

Google+: Gold Elements Carmel


Phone: 844–946–5478