The material world, which is all there really is, determines or helps to shape our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, but when we come to realize this and come to terms with that reality, from there we can formulate a plan to change that reality into something better.
With all due respect, I think you might have it backwards.
Prole Center

Hi! I thank you for your respectful response! Yes, we understand and interpret the fabric of our experience from two different perspectives.

I know consciousness to be inhabiting a body for expansion. And I see all of the material world as energy in motion. You might say I believe that energy is All That Is — energy, light, spirit, consciousness. To me, the material world is created by us for learning and growth. And our thoughts actually create the form or the reality we experience. The unified field is perpetually circulating in and through us, picking up our unique perspective and interpretation — which integrates with our collective consciousness and agreements to create form and our day to day experience.

That said, I believe all truths are true and all perspectives valid. So I can have my own, while also honoring yours!

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