It seems like the political debate avoids talking about “universal peace” at all costs.
Caio S. Rearte

It does feel that way. As if we have bought into a story of “we have no power”. When in fact that’s just a story. And as we continue to wake up, the story itself is fading away. We have all the power. Each and every one of us. And it’s within us. When we come to that realization on a mass scale, the world will shift exponentially towards what we want. And for the majority, that is peace and empowerment. We will all begin to let go of fighting the current system, begin to build our own, new systems and free ourselves from the illusion of victimization.

Have you read any of Michael Haupt’s posts and publications here on Medium? He has created two publications Postcards from 2035 and Project 2030, aimed to catalyze discussions about a global change in culture to bring forward systems of peace, prosperity, governance, healthcare, education etc. which benefit the whole rather than the select few. These are the discussions, as you mention, that need our undivided attention.

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