Do you want to stop vouchers in Texas?

Please call Texas senators to oppose Senate Bill 3. Even if it is out of your comfort zone, your voice really matters!

If you are not sure what to say, feel free to use this template.

Hi. My name is _______. I appreciate your service in our legislature. I am calling specifically to oppose Senate Bill 3, government funded school choice. Setting aside all education concerns, the idea of ‘accountability to shareholders’ is the strongest reason to oppose vouchers. You. and the rest of the legislature, have many laws on the books to ensure public schools are accountable to their communities. However, Senate bill 3 provides public tax dollars to parents and guardians to be spent on a broad range of goods and services related to private and home schools with almost no academic or financial accountability. These tax dollars are generated by many more community members than just the parents making the choice. As a constituent and taxpayer, I strongly urge you to set aside ‘school choice’ and focus as much time and energy as it takes to effectively fund public schools so they can educate our students to be productive members of society. Thank you for your time.

Senator Bob Hall 512–463–0102

Senator Don Huffines 512–463–0116

Senator Royce West 512–463–0123

Senator Larry Taylor 512–463–0111

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick 512–463–0562

If you want more information on this topic, please read sb 3.

If you are of the mind to agree with school choice on the basis of free market benefits, please consider the differences between theory and implementation. The free market can not exist when some entities are greatly restricted by government and others are not.

These are my ideas from my own research. I look forward to finding someone who can have a real conversation and explain their support of the implementation (not theory) of sb 3.

Thank you for using your voice in support of our greatest resource, our future, our kids.