Humanity in the Real World. For one to fully love, one must suffer the pains. That is the same for humanity.

Pain. Life. Emotion. Crisis. Truth, evil, lies and so on. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Almost every day we face it, but our culture just wants to hide it. Hiding the truth can result terribly. When one is weak, another is there to take from it and in reality it makes them stronger. Humanity is a giving process. We tell fairy tales to our children but as adults we only see the realities.

Fighting hurts. Survival hurts. Love can be lost or found. Love can be misguided by others. The way we act, feel toward each other, are these truths? For one to fully love, one must suffer the pains. That is the same for humanity. If you loved helping others, if you loved saving lives and saving crisis then you must suffer pain. It is not only your pain, it is the pain of others. Sometimes just one but often it is many. Hundreds even thousands of their own pain can affect you. That is part of being a humanitarian.

Humanitarian ways are not just giving. To really go there, you must experience the pain of others and the pain it transfers to you. Empathy will bring you closer. Empathy will serve you to understand why these people are suffering and why it is there. We all want to help to some degree. A lot of us just don’t know how. For those who do, it will change one’s life forever. Any impact will never make you the same person.

After many life changing moments, you start to wonder. Is this the right mission for me? Others would have there opinions, it is not worth the pain and so on. But that is what makes you humanitarian. You need to be able to feel the pain, understand the pain and then one can truly help the needs of others in crisis.

Don’t expect much. It will reward you, however others may not feel the same. It is a lonely feeling. Much like love. We all want to be loved and received with the same gifts we give back. But sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you find yourself sacrificing your love, your chances, just for doing good. We receive pain differently than one in crisis. We can afford to give up, walk away, choices. Others simply can’t. They suffer, they sometimes die or barely make it. They can be emotionally damaged forever.

Being careful is one of the only ways it will save you. It will save both your sanity,emotion and compassion. You will be bruised, you may have emotional trauma, you may not want to continue, that’s OK. We are only human. We can live to give in positive manners. Just remember, this is a truth, a reality the world suffers.

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