Comforting hearts/ AKA don’t be a douche

For a good part of my adult life, I have seen hearts in places without looking for them. Since I lost my baby almost 2 weeks ago, I see hearts everywhere.

I see them in leaves on the ground, stains from spills, clouds in the sky…pretty much everywhere. It brings me comfort. It is like my baby sending me little hearts from heaven. It tells me that I am going to be OK. I will find a new normal. I will go on, with my baby, forever in my heart.

Thinking this way gives me something that puts a smile on my face. It doesn’t hurt anyone. When we grieve, I think it is healthy to find comfort somehow. When we do find it, relish it and hold it dearly. Some may find comfort knowing their loved ones are in heaven, or that they are among the angels, that they are no longer suffering, or in random hearts they see.

Here is a bit of advice for you….don’t be a douche and take away their comfort! Don’t tell them that they are inventing what they see, that there is nothing after death, or any of that other BS that you feel you are “right” about. It is not your place to do so. Whether or not you agree with them is irrelevant. Life isn’t all about being right or wrong. It is about being a blessing to others, spreading love and helping those that are hurting.

Picture this: You have had a hard day. Everything hurts. Your body, your mind and your soul. You plop down in your comfy arm chair. You grab the remote control and turn on your favorite show. You crack open that cold beer. Your faithful canine companion comes and rests their head on your lap. This brings you some comfort. Doesn’t completely spare you the pain of the day, but it brings you some momentary joy. Then I come along and take your remote, kick over your chair, and leave while skipping away with your dog, taking a sip of your beer and tossing it on the ground. You would feel robbed, wouldn’t you?

So, when you see me post a heart from my baby Sage, feel free to keep scrolling. Or “like” it or comment or smile knowing it gives me a moment of joy. Just please don’t take away the small amount of comfort I take by finding the beauty in the ordinary.