“We are spirits in a material world” — The Police

We suffer the constraints of mundanity — we are bound by physics, biology, geography, and above all the very linear (and immutable) progression of time. And within these given constraints, we have work where the goal is ‘success.’ Throughout our life, the question is:

How will you measure success?

The journey? The destination? The amount of money in the bank? The exit? The impact? The fame? The team? The toys? The fun?

It’s all valid — it’s your story and your success. But without a definition of success, you cannot measure the impact of the steps you take along the way. So whatever new venture you have underway, here are a few questions to help you define your success:

  • How does it fit the story of you, your company, your vision?
  • Who will benefit from the outcome?
  • What will it take to get there?
  • Are you willing to be the company that steps into that role (and the leader at the helm)?
  • When is it enough?

Get out your measuring sticks, ask your trusted advisors, and tell your big, bold story. Success wants to be found.

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