Why Venture Capitalists Don’t Do Marketing Like the Rest of Us
Janessa Lantz

Hi Jessica, Thank you for your thoughts. I wanted you to know more background on venture marketing and tell you that venture marketing has been around longer than you assumed. I have been working in marketing with venture capitalists since 1989 when i started my own firm focused on venture marketing. Mayfield Fund was my first client and the first firm to begin marketing on a strategic basis. I was the marketing advisor there from 1989 until 2004. No other venture firm began marketing until 1995 when Kleiner Perkins started marketing and building relationships with Clinton. In 1991, Mayfield began producing a newsletter that focused on the areas of investing they found interesting then — it was a printed newsletter distributed to reporters, their LPS, entrepreneurs and others. As you stated, it was important to make an industry area stand out and promote their knowledge in certain areas. In reference to your point about Mary Meeker, her piece was instrumental given her knowledge as an internet analyst before her role at KP. KP was very strategic in hiring her into the partnership as a thought leader in the space. Today many firms do leverage their knowledge in a technology area as you stated. Smart venture firms understand what entrepreneurs want.

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