Make Penguicon Great Again
Jay Maynard

I’m sorry posters about consent to remind people of the rules left you feeling triggered, but “consent culture” isn’t BS, and neither is rape culture. Your failure to get on board with the ideas says nothing about whether the concepts are valid.

As a member of the LGBT community, and a minority member at that, Penguicon is one of the few conventions I attend (and I attend PLENTY) that provides what I feel is a community space that is trying to meet the needs of its least protected attendees.

As someone who has been sexually assaulted at conventions…groped in elevators, had their behind smacked on convention grounds, often by repeat offenders, this is the bare minimum of what is acceptable for me to feel comfortable at a convention.

If you don’t like being reminded that you share a world with other people because it ruins your enjoyment of a shared interest, you are more than free to excuse yourself. A flounce on your part is not required. I’m sure there are other backwards conventions that will cater to your need to not be reminded that you aren’t the only thing that matters. I would point out that anyone who has to learn the “hard way” that someone is a “hard-core feminist” is likely acting in a way that is incompatible with a space so full of feminists.

Your ideas in this vein will not be missed. Good on you though for making sure that current and future attendees to Penguicon will know exactly why so many people are loyal to it, and for removing yourself from the situation before you do something that requires your removal.

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