This is the Ultimate Goal

I took my kids to their first funeral today. It was a beautiful Catholic Mass for a school teacher that had passed away. I debated on if this was the moment to expose my 9 and 11 year olds to “death”. After much thought (and prayer), I decided that it was time and the best time because they would be surrounded by people who they know: other teachers, administrators, friends, and classmates.

As the priest shared the great accomplishments that this well respected mom, wife, teacher, coach, and friend had achieved, I started thinking about the goal setting research that I’ve been doing lately. Most of us high-achieving women are constantly setting goals for ourselves and once we achieve them, we set the next goals, and the perpetual cycle continues. Life becomes about setting goals and working towards them until we achieve “success”.

But, what is the ultimate goal? Knowing that we are all living the dash between our birthday and our death death (that is unknown to us), how do we make each day count towards a bigger goal. Goals beyond losing 10 pounds in 30 days, or earning a promotion in the next 6 months, or running a marathon in January.

I realized that as a Christian, there is only one ultimate goal in life. It is that on the day that we meet our Heavenly Father that we would have lived a life that warrants Him to say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” And, when you break this goal down into bite-sized action and work backwards, it means that we must take inspired action each and every day that we are blessed to live.

Yes, I want my kids to cherish our moments together and my family and friends to remember my smile and any impact that I had on them living their best self each day. But, God has given us our ultimate goal according to His will…to know Him through His son, Jesus Christ.

So, when I’m called home to live eternally with my Heavenly Father, I want my friends and family to say that I achieved the ultimate goal. And, as I like to say, “We are all living our legacy each day not just leaving it once we’re gone.”

Will you join me in taking daily steps towards the ultimate goal?

With BIG Heart,

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