Now is the Time to Rise Up Into Your Light

NOW is the time to rise UP dear ones, how many times have you been told and shown and guided before does not matter now, all that matters is THIS now, this ever present now is the time to act, the time to sing, the time to dance, the time to truly let your journey unfold. The collective conscious is rising up and begging each and every one of you to create your truest existence from the deepest space in your heart. Do not look outside of yourself or up above at us for the truth that lies deep within your soul. The more you do, the more you will remain stuck as the old ways of misalignment do not work any more. Many of you are asking ‘why’ or bringing up your ‘but what abouts’ from the past — IT DOES NOT MATTER NOW. You have the abundant opportunity to replenish your souls and LET GO of an entire era and surrender to your truth. Please let it unfold. There is no more drama, no more fear, no more doubt, no more worry, no more lack of abundance or creativity or love… all is available to you NOW!

Yes we have been saying this for years, but now is the time for you to actually step into this portal of existence and release the illusion of the previous ‘times’ you’ve experienced here on planet earth. We want you to unleash the creativity inside of you for this ‘time’ you are perceiving is ready for NEW, NEW, NEW! Not just any new, BRAND NEW. A rebirthing of a brand new era for each and every one of you who are and have done your soul’s work. Those of you who think you remain stuck based on others around you must NOT continue to mirror their energy any longer as your own. These negative thoughts are NOT YOUR THOUGHTS they are not a part of who you are! Let them go and leave them in the ‘past’ to be ‘destroyed’, if you will, in the 3D dimensions that are crumbling down. We say dimensions because there are many layers to each dimension but we are not going into the science of that at this time.

Release your SOUL, you’ve done enough healing, you’ve done enough thinking, you’ve done enough FEARING and now is truly, truly, truly your chance to release it all. Surrender to the inner strength you have within you as you are guided and guarded now, no need to protect from fear or wonder who is around you when you feel all alone. Creatives, writers, healers, artists, dancers, performers, singers, musicians, designers, play-ers, inventors, and so on and so forth, now is your time. Now is your time to rise up. Now is your time to truly enJOY the abundant essence of who you truly are deep down inside and change the world with the art that comes from how you FEEL. You must FEEL your way through this time, you must FEEL your way into the vibration you are being shifted into, you must FEEL your way into the new life that is waiting for you. Now is your time, that is all for now.

– Channeled messages from the Arcturians and 13th dimensional guides, Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse

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