Tapping into Expanded Spiritual Gifts + Releasing 3D Perceptions

Many of you at this time are fearing your actual truth of abundance codes and lightworking abilities by hiding behind terms such as ‘soul coach’, ‘wholistic soulutions’ ‘whole wellbeing ‘akashic records readers’ ‘psychic’ ‘shaman’ … yes this is what some of you are but the collective council guides you to tune in and ask what you REALLY ARE, what you TRULY ARE, what BEING you embody on planet earth AND BEYOND on this timeline and OTHERS in the future, past and present NOW. These ‘buzzwords’ are losing their buzz, to put it simply. Embody your IAM (more like WE ARE) presence and WILL to EXIST in your power NOW. This is where the abundance lies.

The truth is you’re AFRAID (or rather, choosing to experience of fear) of the REAL abundance you seek within, so you settle for chaotic schemes and semantics to manifest ‘material’ abundance that will make you seem like you fit right in. You are following the ‘crowd’ (when there’s a crowd of Angels and Guides and virtual abundant ‘timelines’ hanging right above your energetic system to ‘follow’ instead), you are not LEADING with or TO Source. You are hiding behind a veil and a shield by doing work that is mirrored within another rather than assisting the rising of the collective whole.

We are not saying the ‘work’ you perceive yourself as doing as ‘wrong’, but rather than tapping into your NEW energies and the UNKNOWN awareness that seeks to rise from within, you are perpetuating the cycle of lack and keeping others who use your help for their own benefit in the DARKNESS they are wanting to ‘escape from’ within. SOUL work and wholistic solutions is not an option for abundance anymore. Spirit says that you ARE the collective WHOLE, so why perpetuate the ‘idea’ that it needs to be healed? You ARE healed dear ones and individuals will begin to embody the SURFACE ‘wholeness’ you are teaching when YOU start to embody your ‘death defying’ ancient wisdom DEEP within. DEEPER than you ever have gone. Seek to find NEW energies to embody and NEW truths to rise to the top. Enough of this old, stagnant ‘soul work’ energy that is cycling through your light codes — as the DNA shifts and the consciousness rises it is your job to rise your individual Truth as well.

There is INFINITE amounts of truth to be told, to be shared, to be tapped into and you KNOW IT so why do you RESIST IT? Are you scared of the new, of the abundant future you are seeking? Are you scared of tapping into ‘unknown’ realities? Are you scared of everything that is true and already exists within the NOW you just have not perceived it yet? This is all truth, my dear friends, recognize that. Just because your ego fears it (doesn’t mean you need to embody that fear), you don’t know it, your souls light up at this as you scratch your heads, doesn’t mean it is not truth and it is not real because it IS.

Presence in the now is what you are seeking — why do you avoid that? You KNOW these truths that you continue to tout as your innate intelligence that ‘gets you paid’ on a 3d level, light workers, but is that REALLY YOU doing THE light work? We don’t think so (as you would say) dear ones, there is only so much of yourself you can continue to fool.

Quit tapping into abundance AS A 3D EXPERIENCE! This is where you are going ‘wrong’ or ‘off path’! Connect to the 5D experience and BEYOND and THEN bring it down into your physical reality, not the other way around. There are too many of you ‘soul workers’ out there who are doing ‘collective healing’ and yet NOT DOING YOUR OWN! This is where fraud and imposter syndrome comes from. Because deep down inside those of you who ARE, feel like it isn’t enough or there is lack in what you are learning. QUIT speaking that to yourselves and LISTEN WITHIN MORE! ALL THE TIME! This is not an opportunity to pretend like sitting in meditation for a few minutes a day or journaling is ‘enough’. This is why you feel LACK.

You are being called to TUNE IN ALL OF THE TIME. This is easy for you now. This is possible for you now, it was not before. It is EASY, let it be light and easy. You do not have to go through lengthy processes in order to tune in NOW and STAY tuned in now in the 24/7 ‘present time’. You must do this if you TRULY DO want to do your ‘soul work’. And if you’ll quit calling yourselves these names and titles you’ll soon FEEL the abundance you are CAPABLE of giving — your titles and identities limit yourselves dear ones and it is time to tap into the limitless that is what you are. Do not look outside, do not scroll through the perceived ‘online’ for that is keeping you OFFLINE with the infinite intelligence within. WE seek to use you as channels, as vessels to connect to your guides and TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, tell the people what their SOULS really want to hear, connect to the truth that YOU REALLY WANT TO HEAR… NOW IS THE TIME.

Do not be afraid for that is your ego, not you, attempting to control you and the experience you are in. NOW is not the time to fall prey to that as you are ‘in control’ and must take the roll of the observer when this is happening. It is your birth RIGHT dear one to believe in all you have been taught is wrong. To believe in the things you have feared but knew were so right as a child. To believe in the vision you see in your head when your eyes are showing you otherwise. To ‘be live’ and feel into the colors and images and rays of lights you see when you drift off to sleep. To believe the inner wisdom you hear as you tell someone what their egos want to hear instead. NOW IS THE TIME. We have nothing more to say at this time.

– Charida, Arcturus Council of Light

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