The Time Has Come to Speak Your Truth + Welcome in Christ Consciousness

You need to speak your truth, you need to speak it loud and clear, dear ones. This is the message we have for you today. It is about love, service, and ‘radical’ self love, as you would call it. Now is the time to speak your truth so loudly and so clearly anyone around you can’t help but hear it now. This is, yes, by literally speaking your truth through your vocal chords, but we mean much more to this now. This means self love, self care, approaching yourself with a brand new perspective of light and love, not the tainted vision you so used to be. You are light and love, remember that dear child, as it is time for you to bring that to the surface of how you view your physical body and the physicality of the ‘who’ that ‘you are’ now.

We ask that you DELIGHT in the service we are offering you of love, light, laughter and play as nothing else matters now. This is the 5th dimension of truth, the truth that you seek, the truth that you are, and as you’ll notice more and more now when you resist this, it does not even work and you snap back to into the current reality — not the paradigm that is breaking — the REAL ality you are working diligently to bring down to earth. It is coming, it is here, the walls and veils are still shifting, things are crumbling down, you must recognize this in your day to day existence as well as what’s going on in the world. We need not dwell upon ‘news specifics’ as they do not matter and still linger in too much fear and doubt. All you need to know and all that matters is the dark has risen to the surface and is being transmuted now.

‘The Christ consciousness’ is arriving to your planet dear ones, do not get caught up in the semantics of how others wish to view this. You know the truth, you feel the vibration, we all do as a collective, and that’s all that matters now. We keep reminding you of now to be now in the present be present in your body be present in your love for yourself for your love for yourself is a service for others far and near and that is what you are meant to do this is how you shift into your truth. Put the love first, the semantics and details after. Meaning align your intention to all that you do first — especially in areas of your life you feel yourself resisting or things coming to you that ‘arent what they are cracked up to be’. This just means you are not aligned with your truth, nothing more nothing less.

Please utilize this time wisely dear ones as the great energetic shifts, the eclipses, the portals and gateways that are opening in specific places around your ‘universe’ are the opportunity you have been waiting for NOW. To release the doubt, shed the fear, let go of the hate, untie the judgment EASILY SWIFTLY AND JOYFULLY it can be released. There is not much more ‘work’ for you to do and if you still need to play with the ‘work’ paradigm, think of it as you living your truth. Love and light. Honesty. Pure abundance radiating from your souls — that is the WORK you ‘need’ to do on a day to day basis, and yes as your egos are asking you will be ‘paid’ in return. Think of it in this manner to get your ego on board and STAY on board, for it will begin to be harder and harder to shift the dimensions which is where the ascension symptoms are coming in. You feel the drops between worlds and veils being ‘harder and harder’, ‘stronger and stronger’ as the collective truth is unfolding now.

We know you want ‘specifics’, but set your mind at ease dear ones and LEAN into this vibration now. This is your truth this is the light you hold this is what ‘needs to be done’. Holding this vibration as high and light as long as possible will make your shifts more swiftly and quickly as you so shall see it appear in your lives — please take this into consideration with your daily duties, your businesses, the things you’ve been taught that are working no longer and anything that feels HEAVY to you whether that’s relationships, cultural programming, religious programming, body and health programming, wealth programming now — it’s quite simple, if it feels heavy, it is not right. Let it go. Shift into the light. That is all we have for you now at this time.

– Channeled Consciousness from The Arcturian Council of Light

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