The Unsolicited Dick Pic Saga

I’ve seen every type of dick you can possibly imagine: circumcised dick, uncircumcised dick, mastebatory dick, cum dick, soft dick, hard dick, dick in a hot dog bun, you name it, I’ve seen it. I could open a museum with the amount of photos I’ve received… I assure you I won’t, for I imagine the profit margin would be slim to none. I’ve tried a multitude of tactics to prevent further dick photos, but none seem to sufficiently address the issue. In an attempt to understand the psychology, I even asked one male sender why he felt the need to send unsolicited photos. His response? Another photo. #fail

I received my first unsolicited dick picture while at a family gathering, and I often wonder if that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.. or my grandma’s hip, because needless to say, she fell down the stairs shortly thereafter. My first instinct? Threaten the man with a string of expletives, paving the way for my grand finale: “you will hear from my lawyer.” Instead, I resisted sending a response. Okay fine, my boyfriend snatched my phone from me before I could gift the man with my vivid vocabulary. The man proceeded to ask for my age, and knowing full well that my likeness resembles that of a thirteen year old girl, my creep radar spiked and I hit that block button. This would be the first of many unsolicited dick photos I would receive on Snapchat over the next few years, and needless to say, I’ve tried every tactic to get them to stop.

Years ago, I took a foray into digital media, and I’ve since developed a dedicated social media fan base, whom I absolutely adore *@jenhearts247*. I love connecting with people around the world, but nothing shadows this delight, or ruins my afternoon, quite like when I’m waiting for a job interview, casually checking my Snapchat messages, and a crooked dick pops onto my phone screen as the interviewer swoops into the lobby to greet me… (I didn’t want to work there anyway. *tear.) Perhaps if that man had been physically present in the lobby while exposing his genitalia, then he’d be in jail and I would have a second interview. But alas, the legalities of public indecency don’t seem to apply online, and it’s unfortunate that my employment, and my eye sight, were jeopardized by this man.

I can’t be a bystander anymore so here’s a fact: sending unsolicited genitalia pictures is sexual harassment. Being a female in the public space does not give you an open invitation to send me a photo of your dick. In fact, being a female does not give you permission either! Unless I ask for a picture of your genitalia, or consent to the few men who ask first before sending their photos, then I have zero desire to see your penis! When you continuously violate and disrespect me by sending me illicit photos, I stop seeing the photo and start seeing: your lack of self worth, lack of control, lack of confidence, and lack of physical intimacy.

My recommendations to the man jacking off behind his phone camera, who’s about to click that send button to some woman he’s never met nor spoken to? Put your phone down, pull your pants up, and get outside. Perhaps if you focus more on your personality, on being a good person, you’ll find a woman who wants to see your dick in live-time. Good luck to you.