How A Sexy Hotdog Food Truck Inspired Me

Be Inspired!

It was late afternoon when my husband and I were out for a walk. We live in a high-rise apartment building in downtown Miami, across from a large public park. On any given night, you can be sure to spot a food truck or two, selling anything from gourmet burgers to incredible Mexican food. It’s always fresh and insanely delicious. The prices are reasonable and competitive. That particular night, it was the “Sexy Hotdog” truck in the center of the park that caught my attention.

Wow, look at that, I said to my husband. You can have a sexy hotdog for dinner tonight if you want dear. I waited for his response, but he politely ignored my offer after taking note of what appeared to be a graffiti ridden Sexy Hotdog food truck.

I was mesmerized and overcome with a blast of confidence. If a food truck that sells sexy hotdogs can make it, the skies the limit for the rest of us. I’d thought about starting my own business many times, but I wasn’t making any real effort in that direction. I realized that it was the thought of being successful (or not) that had me hiding in my own skin. If we don’t take risks in life, or step out and try new things, we prematurely surrender any chance of success. We have to open the door to acknowledge that success is knocking. Look out world; another business was just born.

I did the legwork and researched everything about starting a business. I created a logo and redesigned a website that I’d already had up and running. Turns out it isn’t that difficult to start a business when there’s only one employee.

Jenny’s Note ® Educational Workshops are intended to motivate adolescent and young adults, while broadening their scope and imagination. Being exposed to the possibilities of a successful future, encourages the younger generation to step out and take the lead. Nutrition education and self-esteem exercises are covered in each workshop. They are interactive and include a mixture of group activities as well as individual journaling.

If you need a health and wellness speaker for adolescent and young adults, I can help you. I custom design workshops for my target audience based on topic requested. No sexy hotdogs for this girl; only workshops.

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