Living Outside The Box and Loving It!

Everyone says it, but does anyone actually follow through? You know, that infamous box that we all live in. How do we learn to think outside the box and then execute our ideas?

Recently I had a chance to do just that; live outside the only box I’d ever known. I took a new job doing something completely different from what I had been trained to do. Not only did I change jobs, I changed from working day shift to staying up all night long. I’d never worked a graveyard shift and I thought it would be a totally different experience. It was a promotion and a challenge that I welcomed.

For those wondering how it all turned out, I am here to tell you it was the best decision ever. I am learning new leadership skills and business acumen. I am able to share the plethora of knowledge and experience that I’ve accumulated over the years in a different venue. Although elevating my self-esteem was not the intent of the job change, this secondary bonus has been a self-motivator. It’s nice to feel valued and asked my opinion. I’ve been able to survey the current flow of business and make adjustments in the areas of cost containment and process. Who knew I could help in this capacity and be valued for my experience and knowledge that I used to take for granted.

I am not suggesting that you quit your job or even change jobs so that you can experience the same. What I do encourage is for everyone to open their mind to the possibilities that they don’t even know exist. Take a chance on you and step out and learn something knew or try a completely different approach. You just may find it more rewarding then the old way of thinking. Has anyone stepped outside of his or her box and it turned out to be the best decision ever?

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