Three Tips to Improve Your Life

Learn to Forgive. Volunteer your Time and Talent. Clean out Your Closet.

Learn to Forgive

Learning to forgive people who have wronged you, can change your life. When you forgive someone, you free up the negative energy it takes to sustain the darkness. It means you have chosen to clear your mind of the fear and negative thoughts that hold you hostage. What you are left with is infinite space that can be filled with positive energy and good deeds. You have to choose peace and light if you want to live in that space. You have to refuse to let a person or situation define you, label you, or have any kind of power over you. It may be that you never speak to that person again, or you remove yourself from their life altogether. Either way, it’s okay, because you’re making progress by striving for and living an emotionally free unencumbered life. Forgiveness is for your benefit, not theirs. Can you forgive?

Volunteer Your Time and Talent

Volunteering your time and talent to an organization or group, helps you grow as a person. How so, you ask? We all have a God given gift or talent. By helping other people or organizations, we contribute to our overall wellness by boosting our self-worth. The health benefits of feeling valuable and needed are well documented. Volunteering can help us view the world from a different perspective and allow cultural and social barriers to be crossed. It promotes patience and tolerance towards people that are different from us. Mentoring someone who is lost and in need of a positive influence in their life, will return a reward tenfold. They will never forget the kindness you willingly extended. The world needs you. Do you need them?

Clean Out Your Closet

So how do we clean out our personal life's closet? We start by purging our life of all the negative people and relationships that are dragging us down. Surround yourself with like mind people, and those that choose to see the good in all that they do. People grow, situations change, and life goes on. Sometimes we go in the direction of the change, and sometimes its against our core beliefs. Stay true to yourself and follow your heart. It’s not until we clean out our own closet, that we have the energy and motivation to live with passion and purpose, in a positive and uplifting environment. Create your destiny and start by finding your center. Let’s get to work, shall we?

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