An Open Letter to the Man Who Criticized Me on a First Date
Carrie Allie

Oh, Carrie! I’m amazed that you managed to handle that man, to say the least, during your date. I experienced the same situation you had before, and I think I wasn’t able to handle it pretty well.

The guy was ok, but when he criticised me all because of my skin colour(we’re both Asians, btw — Filipinos to be exact!) wasn’t fair enough for his standards, suddenly everything that I’ve told him about myself became irrelevant. I didn’t get angry, but my initial reaction to him was “Ok, so do you mean I look dirty or something?” Then he laughed it off and said he was just being kind and giving me a ‘piece of advice’ that men prefers girls who have fairer skin.

When he said that, I couldn’t take it anymore so I walked out on the guy. I’d rather keep my sanity and heart intact, rather than letting an obnoxious turd make me feel miserable (about myself).

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