Queen Elizabeth II Shows Instagram Who’s Boss

Jennifer Mirsky
Mar 12 · 2 min read

Long live the queen! At 92 years old — albeit with set-up assistance — she took off one glove and posted on Instagram for the very first time, announcing the Science Museum’s summer exhibition, Top Secret, and unveiling its Smith Centre. (When she last visited the museum 5 years ago, she honored the museum with her very first tweet.)

My 5 takeaways for content creators and social media mavens:

1. Be original

2. Choose your platform wisely.

3. Piggyback on an account with a robust following.

4. Be inspirational.

5. Be selfie-ready.

Let’s break it down:

1. Be original. OK, we don’t all have access to letters from the Royal Archives written by our great-great-grandfather Prince Albert, but we can extrapolate.

2. Choose your platform wisely. Instagram is a visual platform, a picture = 1,000 words, and we want to SEE the actual letter!

3. Piggyback on an account with a robust following. The Royal Family Instagram account has 4.9m followers and has been around since 2013.

4. Be inspirational. HRH draws a comparison between computer pioneer Charles Babbage, children’s computer coding initiatives, and the Science Museum which continues to inspire “the next generation of inventors.”

5. Be selfie-ready. Again, we don’t all leave the house decked out in a colorful matching coat and chapeau, but we must at all times be ready for our close-ups!

The proof is in the pudding:

Her Majesty the Queen’s very first Instagram post generated 1,803,654 views and 6,725 comments.

The prior post in the series generated 275,441 likes and 5,012 comments.

And the one before that generated 95,907 likes and 768 comments.

As was said when they rolled tape:

“Ahhh, yes it’s worked. Perfect!”

Jennifer Mirsky

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Digital #Content, #SocialMedia, #ImpactProducing. Principal of MIRSKY DIGITAL. Former documentary TV producer. Lover of Italy, the arts, dogs.

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