The word alone brings up feelings of inadequacy, shame, remorse, and a general feeling of being “lesser than” others. We learn at a young age that failure is “bad” and something to be avoided at all costs: maybe we got mocked by our teammates if we struck out while playing baseball or maybe we got in trouble when we got a poor grade on a test or perhaps we hurt ourselves when trying to learn how to do a cartwheel.

Regardless of when and how we learned that failure is bad, we tend to carry that belief forward with…

(7 Things I’ve Learned About Myself by Being Single)

So, here we are…a few days before the Day of Love. This year, like the last few years, I am single. Unless my niece and nephew take pity on me and send me a surprise gift, there will be no chocolates, no bouquet of flowers, no romantic dinner or silly card for me.

By society’s standards, I am a failure because I am alone for Valentine’s Day.

I am one of the invisible masses on this day. One of the people to be ignored as apparently happy couples celebrate their love…

I don’t know about you, but January 1 feels like it was a long time ago already. Has that feeling of it being a new year and a new start for your life faded for you? And, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

If you have, don’t beat yourself up. According to research by Statistic Brain, at the two-week mark of the year, 31% of people quit their resolutions and just over half of us make it to the one-month mark. Resolutions are difficult to keep!

Which is why I stopped making resolutions a number of years…

When was the last time you took a look at your life and recognized the many blessings you have?

This past month I was reminded of just how many blessings I have in my life. One of my Guatemalan friends asked me to go with him to help him with some errands. Our errands ended up taking more time than we had thought, so we stopped to have lunch before heading back.

We went to my friend’s favorite restaurant to eat and got to talking. …

We are smack-dab in the middle of the end-of-the-year holiday season, and you know what that means: the potential for holiday stress and drama.

Stress is all around, including feeling that you don’t have enough time or money, that you are being pressured to give or get gifts, being alone, traveling, and spending time with friends and family…and any drama that might occur as result of any of these things.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We all know the feeling of drama, and in fact, we may be wired to connect with drama. The problem with drama…

When I say the words courage or a courageous person, what comes to mind for you?

Maybe you see Mel Gibson in Braveheart leading his clan to battle or Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman bravely fighting the Nazis. Or perhaps you see a firefighter running into a burning building that others are trying to escape from. It could be that you think of someone like Rosa Parks or Mother Teresa, who quietly and with dignity stood up for the rights of others. …

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

The Mayans have a beautiful greeting that they say when they meet another person: In Lak’ech Ala K’in. It means, “You are another me.” Through this greeting they honor the oneness and connection of humanity, the planet and everything on the planet. When they say this greeting, they put their hands over their hearts to emphasize the sentiment and to recognize the vibrancy of our energy.

It is a wonderful way to remind ourselves that at our cores we are love, we are more similar than dissimilar, and we are all mirrors for each other.

It can be difficult to…

Have you seen that Dove video called Dove Real Beauty Sketches?

(Spoiler alert! If you want to watch it before knowing the ending, you might want to watch it now before reading any further.)

In the video, women go into a large room individually. In front of them is a man with his back to them so he cannot see them. He is a forensic composite artist and he asks each woman to describe himself to him, and as they do so, he starts drawing.

The woman then leaves and a second person comes in, and, using the same process…

Anytime we go on a trip, we have to figure out what to pack in our suitcase to take with us and what we need to leave behind.

The same is true for our life journey. We carry so many things with us through our lives, and there are a number of things that we don’t even need. I’m reminded of this every 6 months or so when I look around the house and start the pile of things to be donated.

But beyond our physical belongings, there is mental and emotional baggage that we need to release.

One of…

We tend to be a society that is all about “doing” things. We measure our days and our success by how many things we can check off on our to-do list. Our greatest commodity is our time, since time is what limits how much we can accomplish.

“Doing” is about getting things done. It is an activity that is externally and forward-focused and is great to help us achieve things that we can clearly define. …

Jennifer B. Monahan

Helping people live courageously authentic lives. Six-time award-winning author, coach and shaman currently taking a walk-about the planet.

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