The traditional financial services industry has remained largely indifferent to calls for digital relevancy, with only 3% of financial advisers concerned about the threat posed by online investment services, according to a 2014 EY study.

Yet with Millennials making up roughly one third of total US population, this generation of digital natives make up the current largest client base in the US market, with their aggregated net worth expected to grow to US $7 trillion by 2018.

Unsurprisingly, it is Silicon Valley startups that are targeting this lucrative and very accessible client base; looking to build long-term relationships with the…

If 2015 was the year of content marketing, 2016 will be the year of “less is more” content personalization. While ‘Content is King’ will continue to ring true in the new year, I predict we will see savvy digital marketers focus more on the value of data-driven content personalization to stay ahead of the game.

In 2015 we saw companies increasingly pour money into social advertising, as Facebook declared brands will have to “pay to play” if they want to keep the power of social within their marketing mix. …

London emerged triumphant as the best city to support digital entrepreneurs in the EU on the recently released European Digital City Index (EDCi). The index aims to measure EU capitals and some other major cities against a set of criteria setup by digital entrepreneurs, policy researchers and academics.

The index, released by Nesta and the European Digital Forum ranks the best and worst European ecosystems for startups and scale-ups. The results can vary based on criteria. For example, if access to capital is set as the most desirable factor, Paris comes only second to London. …

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Everyone wants good content. But not many people can define and agree on what good content really is. “Good” is a subjective term; without the relevant customer data directing your content efforts, chances are you are aiming blindly in the content game and failing to connect with your readers.

Google has made it clear that it is all about getting the answers right to the people who are looking for them. For that, Google learns about the intent of customers behind a particular search. …

On BuzzFeed, Rachel Dolezal, And Why Businesses Need To ‘Get’ Brand Journalism

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For better or worse, the current media landscape has become increasingly fractured, and this can be overwhelming for newcomers to say the least. With the decline of print media, we have seen increasing pressure on journalists to cultivate ‘authentic’ online personas to stay in the game.

This is necessary because the game has changed: as traditional media conglomerates, digital start-ups, and brands all scramble to produce the most ‘newsworthy’ content on any given day, the line between journalists and other media publishers have become blurred.

In other words…

Artificial Intelligence- The Game Changer In Digital Disruption

Image Source: EXPRESS UK. Google Now director Aparna Chennapragada announces ‘Now On Tap’ during the 2015 Google I/O

When Google announced the smarter version of Google Now called Now On Tap in a company event this year, it was only a matter of weeks that Apple followed with updates on Siri. Soon Microsoft followed with upgrades in Cortana.

The common ground for the fierce competition between these technological giants is a concept, which is at least half a century old; Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It was the deepening interest in this holy grail of Silicon Valley that made Google purchase DeepMind for $400million and resulted in Facebook’s acquisition of …

Fitness Trackers: What good are they?

How can a couple of hundred dollars worth of a band strapped to your wrist make you fit? Well, mine helped me lose over 100 lbs. without surgery.

But even that hasn’t made me a complete fan yet.

For me, it wasn’t the tracker alone that did it but guidance, motivation and advice by my physician also played a huge role. The tracker facilitated the process, but did not create it. Don’t get me wrong. I am bit of an excited geek when it comes to technology. …

Is Web Design “Dead”?

Let’s admit it. Something digital ‘dies’ every now and then. Every other conference I attend looks like a gathering of fascinated mourners, contemplating the loss of one digital commodity or the other.

Perhaps ‘dying’ is too strong an expression to be used for digital platforms that are transforming at a rapid speed. The digital ecosystem is run on the principle of shared knowledge. By the time one idea or form starts to become obsolete, it has already left the seeds for something better to grow and take over. …

10 Digital Marketing Hacks- An Insider’s List

In our rapidly evolving digital planet, whatever does not become better, faster and smarter inevitably faces extinction. In the run for the survival of the fittest, everyone wants to save time, energy and money but at the same time it is equally important to reinvest some of the time, energy and money to revisit and improve key areas of strategic development.

A self-review may often reveal small knacks and hacks that have helped you increase your productivity and attract new customers. Here are some of my digital marketing hacks:

Grow your network


Is The Sharing Economy Feminist?

The sharing economy has been described as a ‘decentralization of wealth and power’, with the rise of the likes of AirBnB, Uber and Lyft driving the growth of a new disruptive economic model based on the idea of access over ownership. It has facilitated the rise of the ‘Micro-Entrepreneur’, with peer-to-peer sharing platforms such as Etsy boasting more than 1 million sellers on their platform.

The micro-entrepreneur movement has been described as “giving women the freedom to “build their brands, growing their businesses, and creating their creations — in their own ways.” …

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