Why to Visit Sapa (Vietnam)?

From its French history to the great hills that welcome you, there is so much of Sapa to see. For those on Hanoi City tour, it won’t be complete until you really see this quaint little place with a culture of its own. Let’s look at some reasons that makes Sapa a must visit place.
Ham Rong

Its mountains, local tribes and the love of French Alpine town will engulf you in all its charisma. Sapa is not just pretty; it’s a place with a culture of its own. It makes you fall in love with it within days and before you know it, you are a part of the tribes there. And if you really want to enjoy something beautiful, choose Sapa a day after the Hanoi City tour and you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s Fun Getting There

Train to Sapa

This is what attracts most people to this place in the first go. It’s an adventure to board the train from Hanoi to Sapa. It gives you a feel of the local culture and it’s best to go for an overnight train. But because there are only some many choose the morning ones. The train will take you to Lao Cai from where another bus will take you amidst the rice terraces straight to Sapa.

The Adventurous Treks

Fansipang Climbing Sapa Tour

Depending on how long you stay, there are many short half-day treks through the Muong Ha Valley to choose from. Sapa tours from Hanoi are also a hit among travelers. And then you also have overnight stays at village home stays when you trek for two or more days. On some of these treks you can check out the Hoang Lien National Park and the ever so pretty rice terraces that are carved into steep mountains which look surreal. These treks also include the ones towards Vietnam’s highest peak, Mount Fasipan.

The Markets are a Delight

Bac Ha Market Sapa

The local Sapa markets are a feast for every shopaholic and foodie. Fresh produce, just plucked or picked that day make every food bit worth eating. You can spot giant pots of stock with lots of fresh soup being cooked. The market is flooded with souvenirs, and a range of colorful textiles, and handicrafts to shop. It is one of the most sought after markets in South East Asia.

Places to Dine At

Noodle Soup in Sapa

The basic food pattern can look really messy but when you get to the market, the delicious aroma of pho, Vietnam’s famous noodle soup, will tempt you into trying it. There are a plenty restaurants for travelers, but the local eateries, and those hole-in-the-walls places and local food stalls are the right places to pick if you want to gorge on local flavors.

French History of the Place

Sapa Church

Sapa’s fascinating is its French colonial history is what makes it an interesting place. The French came here thinking it would be a perfect summer retreat and a European style ‘wellness’ center. By 1924, the road from Lao Cai was complete and that’s where the link from Hanoi was made. All these little details from history along with the lifestyle and buildings around Sapa make it feel like a little French colony. There are traces of the culture in the little things here and there. You have plenty to explore when it’s about the history of the French here.

Sapa Treking Tour

So, next time you are on a Hanoi City tour, don’t miss out the rich and beautiful Sapa tour.