I often see patients in clinic, and I ask myself. How are we so different? I have had similar struggles with anxiety, low mood, and existential angst, yet on this occasion (I love imagining alternative realities) I am the doctor, and you the patient.

We look back at the practice of psychiatry in years gone by — the lunatic asylums and diabetic comas, the earlier practices around electro-convulsive therapy and are somewhat baffled as to what the profession was thinking. …

And other stories from psychiatry.

VANITAS by Ruinarte

Working in mental health, we see things with varying regularity. There are the seriously ill, the recovered seriously ill and those in a rut looking for an answer. The latter can have both the former qualities or neither. This answer takes on different forms. For some people it is in the shape of a pill, for others, it is a label which they feel might help them in some way or justify their mistakes in life. It may just be a friendly ear, or a chance to reason things through. One thing I notice with…

Jennifer Nicole

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