Your 9-to-5 Job is Risky as Hell
Jennifer Taylor Chan

Hi Jennifer, great post! As a fellow 20 something with just over 3 years work experience, I’ve witnessed the instability of the traditional 9–5 Job system; with loss of jobs due to organisational changers or acquisitions across different companies I’ve worked for. I didn’t see it at first, but a lot of exposure to the job market has opened my eyes to the need for a ‘5–9'. It’s not just important for developing other skills but also for psychological well-being depending on where your passions lie. I also started writing and developing my skill in that area about a year ago. I noticed your comment about trying out writing and being able to grow your platform. Do you have any advice for others trying to do the same? Things you did / learned in growing your blog? Or you could write posts about these topics :). I’m definitely interested! Again, great post.

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