Chapter one


Today is the day my family and I will be sent to Ignarth. Usually, everyone has a court day to determine when they will be sent down, it takes a while because not everyone can afford it, but my father was the man who discovered Ignarth, a planet he discovered 16 years ago, year 2272, so it shouldn’t take us long to be approved.. Thinking of my father always brings tears to my eyes. He adopted me from Ignarth shortly after its discovery and got shot down while leaving their planet however, my mother safely escaped the short space shooting with me. I didn’t really know my father, but I have heard many good things about him. However, his legacy still lives on. My mother, Marni, has taken care of me ever since… that is, until she was kidnapped on her last voyage down in Ignarth. My siblings and I take care of each other now.

By now I’m tearing up. Thinking about everything I’ve lost is probably not good to do on court day. Wipe those tears, think of other things. Happy things. I repeat in my head.

I thought about happy puppies until the thought got the best of me then all I could think of was the possibility we get denied by the judge, a girl in my class told me it’s possible. Then again, why should I believe Madilion Orelon, she is the biggest bully in school and, not to mention her name has the word lion in it.

The court looked just like the ones we see in movies. My mother told me that they used to look different all those years ago, but when they grew bored, they got some younger designers to give the courts more ‘funk’. And they did. The walls were a nice grey colour with stripes of green and blue. The room had a fuzzy red coloured carpet on the floor. Other than those things, the court maintained its very serious and professional vibe.

I tried my best to look professional and mature so the judge, whoever she or he was, would take me seriously and not consider me for a stupid child. I tried to straighten my back and lift my head up. I couldn’t help being nervous, I mean what if what Madilion said was true, maybe if I don’t appear to be nervous, there will be a less chance I would get denied.

I took a second to check what I was wearing, making sure I didn’t dress like an idiot. I wore a pale blue shirt and black yoga pants. I regretted the decision I made earlier to not wear a sweater. I got chills from the cold weather. I shivered and looked around to see if I was the only one who was obviously freezing. My eyes locked on my sister, Lulore. Lulore was wearing a blue leather jacket and a shiny silver shirt underneath. Her face was perfect. She had her signature lipstick on, half her lips blue, half purple. Her eyes had a glittery eyeshadow, a nice royal blue, and a winged eyeliner. Must have taken hours.

I kept examining her makeup and she noticed me looking at her. She also noticed I looked nervous because she made the face she always makes when she’s about to give me a big-sister-knows-everything- you-can-do-it-speech. I rolled my eyes. Here it comes…

“Crystona, today will go just as planned. Now that we are all old enough, we will certainly get approved. You have nothing to worry about. Trust me, I know everything.”

She gave me a trusting smile and continued. I must’ve heard this speech 100 times before because we both said her last line at once, as if perfectly synchronized.

“I am older, after all.” We both said. She was surprised I knew it and then rolled her eyes in embarrassment. I giggled and she joined me. Then, my oldest brother, Zolin, leaned in on our pleasant and sisterly conversation and told us to shut up because, “our whole future starts in just about 2 minutes!” he held up two fingers, eyes wide open. He must’ve been nervous too, his forehead was sweating, like usual, when he’s nervous. Lulore and I glared at him as if to say, “Wipe your face, you look like an idiot!” and he actually understood and wiped his face.

Daxaloen, my other brother, then sat down next to Zolin. He was just as, if not almost, as handsome as Zolin. His hair was brushed back neatly, unlike Zolin’s, his was sticking right up, not messy at all though.

I glanced over to Zolin as he pulled out his KIPhone 7 (which stood for Knowledge Is Power-phone) that he safely hid in his suit pocket. I winced as I was jealous of the sight of his newer generation as mine was 2 years older which meant I couldn’t customize it, as you now could. The KIPhone now came in different shapes and sizes. Mine, the KIPhone 5, was ring that projected the software out from the diamond in the center. Zolin, being the boring and average guy he is, chose to buy the older design of a regular phone, which was basically just new software with an updated design of phones centuries ago.

He moved closer to Dax and raised his KIPhone 7. Dax just rolled his eyes while Zolin made kissy lips and a peace sign. Once he snapped the perfect photo, I saw he captioned it ‘Court day with the fam!’ and posted it to his Spaceface page. Putting his KIPhone back in his pocket, he noticed my glare and gave a proud shrug.

It finally started. Now I zoned out, not listening to a word they were saying. Dax had told me the night before that I shouldn’t say anything, because I would sound stupid. Of course it annoyed me that he called me stupid but I guess he had a point. I chose not to pay much attention as I had too many other thoughts on my mind, not deep thoughts, thoughts’ like when is my English report due? It always seemed easy for me to lose concentration.

I found myself rubbing my birthmark, which was below my ear and purple and blue like a bad bruise.

I began humming the words of a song that I couldn’t quite remember where I had heard it from.

Birds chirping in the sky, clouds come over as the day turns night. Winds blowing in my face, clouds not covering sun, I see the palace, what a place!

Just then, Lulore whispers to me to shut up. I looked up for the first time, I looked at the judge and then my eyes slowly moved to her name plaque. Judge Orelon, Madilion’s mother. Her hair was a dark brown with grey hairs at the top of her head, she also had a very wrinkly forehead. I forgot she was a judge, but it explains why Madilion was so rich. I put my head back down, trying not to look at her when she calls my name.

“Crystona Emorza,” she said, with a facial expression I could only read as cold hearted.

“How long have you been in this family?” I was surprised she would ask such a thing. Before I could answer, she continued. “You are adopted, am I correct?’ she asked, as if she was testing me.

“Y-yes” I hesitated to say. I didn’t make eye contact with her, afraid her ratiocinative eyes would burn the life out of me.

What happened next surprised all of us.

“I have made my decision. All but Crystona, will be sent down to Ignarth. Crystona does not have Emorza blood and is Ignarthian therefor, it is far too much of a risk to send her down there. Now that your family will be gone, you will serve as a maid to the royal family.” We all gasped at once, stunned by her decision. She looked like she had so much more to say about me. I was enraged. I have been waiting my entire life to see Ignarth and where I came from and because that is my birthplace and apparently it’s “too much of a risk to send her down there.” I am forced to be a servant for a greedy and rich family!

Clearly I was not the only one mad about this. Zolin stood up and slammed his fists to the table, almost breaking the wood. “You can’t be serious!” he yelled, showing his British side of. Zolin was the only one who had a British-like accent. He spent his years of high school down in London living with grandmother Clarole, who is, in fact, British, so he gradually inherited the accent. I was rubbing my eyes with a tissue when I looked up again to see now two security guards had their arms around Zolin. He was screaming and wouldn’t stop fighting against it. With hot, fresh tears running down my face, I forced myself to look at Lulore. Her eyes were closed shut and her mascara had started to run. After she stopped shaking her head in disbelief, she reached out for me and hugged me tightly. I chose to embrace that hug, for I was afraid it would be our last.

“Keep the boy in the jail cell tonight. Daxaloen and Lulore shall leave for their flight to Ignarth tonight at 1:00 am. Start work first thing in the morning. As for Zolin, you leave second flight which is 2:30 pm. Guards, bring Crystona to her new maids chambers in the palace.” The judge said sharply. She gave us a fake smile and then waved her hand as dismissal. I hugged each of my siblings’ good bye and then I ran off in the opposite direction as them, not facing them long enough for them to see more tears rush down my face. And then it was over. I would never see my siblings again. I got to say good bye to them at least. But still, anger was rushing through me. Madilion must have told her mother all kinds of things about me to make her hate me and do this, maybe she told her about that one time I punched her in the face because she was making fun of me being adopted.