Powerful Ways To Use Custom Wall Graphics In Business

Jennifer Roberts
Jan 8 · 5 min read

In the world of advertising, most people look towards outward-facing mediums rather than internal ones. Walls are incredibly versatile advertising mediums. Thanks to modern printing technology and new materials, wall graphics make even the simplest or bland walls an incredible place to get your message in front of everyone. Custom wall graphics have changed how we see and understand public advertising. The graphics can be installed on both interior and exterior walls, so the message will be visible for thousands of people.

Most established graphic design firms know the advantage of wall graphics and offer their clients a huge variety of both outdoor and indoor solutions. But how can wall graphics work for your brand? Can you use these advertising tools to boost your company’s influence and authority in your niche? Let’s take a closer look and learn more:

Wall Graphics Can Create A Lasting Brand Impression

Branding should be an ongoing effort for any small business owner. Creating a lasting brand impression for your clients should be one of the prime concerns for any manager. Wall graphics help you showcase your work, your products, services or your team. It’s an immensely powerful way to get your business in front of as many potential clients, partners, and investors as possible. Your business will become known and people will see it as trustworthy and professional.

You’re Making A Statement

Advertising isn’t just about placing your ads in front of people. It’s also about making a statement — a powerful personal message directed at your potential customers. Custom wall graphics can help you send a message. This message shouldn’t just be commercial in nature. You can also make a statement, get involved in social matters or in non-profit endeavors. People will closely identify with your business ideals, your credentials, and direction — they will see you a trusting partner and a reliable professional. In posting your artwork or branding to social media, you’re more likely to get more eyes on what you and your company are doing.

Boosting Revenues

Let’s face it — the main role of advertising is to boost sales and increase revenues. The other roles of advertising are secondary — the prime concern is to increase profits. Wall graphics can help your business create more sales, directly. Displaying new products, special offers, services or prizes are common ways to attract clients directly. Call to actions are also popular — you can include the phone number, the website, the social media profile or other options in order to get new clients. Some companies even use QR codes that direct clients straight to their offers — they just have to hit the buy button. Surprisingly, this strategy does work.

Wall Graphics Work In Any Location

Wall graphics are not limited to small walls, located in a lobby or near an entrance. They can cover hundreds, even thousands of square feet. They can be placed in virtually any setting, both outdoor and indoor, with minimal restrictions. Virtually any shape can be covered in wall graphics, and you can use a weird shape to your advantage. For instance, a round wall can be covered in custom wall graphics that simulate movement. Wall graphics can be very adaptable — you can see them on construction job fencing, malls, shopping centers, public transportation, parking areas, and industrial buildings. You can use any of these sites to make your company known and attract new potential clients.

Interior Wall Graphics Are Incredibly Versatile

Wall graphics can be used to spruce up an otherwise bland and uninspiring interior space. There is a huge variety of sizing options, materials, and designs that make this solution very adaptable to any interior area. They are cost-effective, easy to install and can boost the atmosphere. Wall graphics are easy to install and more versatile than paint. While painting walls can be difficult and time-consuming, the installation of a custom decal can be completed in just a few hours. For instance, stucco walls are ideal for wall graphics and will make them look more exciting than ever. An otherwise bland wall becomes instantly recognizable and a focal point in any interior area.

Office Wall Graphics Inspire Workers

Wall graphics can turn any dull workplace into an exciting, attractive and fun one. It will motivate your employees, make them more active and hardworking. Your company’s productivity grows and employees’ satisfaction rises — what can be better than this? You get both of these benefits with minimal investment. What’s more, the office will also look better, improving the overall atmosphere. A good idea coming from good graphic design firms is to select quotes or motivational images that encourage teamwork and productivity. Wall graphics are also great to display the company culture and make your ideas known to your employees.

Merchandise Wall Graphics For Your Products

Wall graphics can be used to display new products that you plan to release. It’s one of the best ways to get your products known to a lot more people than before. This is especially true if you use wall graphics placed outdoors, in areas with major pedestrian traffic. For instance, wall graphics are very good for companies that sell sports equipment, technology and communication services, clothes, beverages, insurance or real estate. The possibilities are endless, you just have to use your creativity.

They Are Incredibly Durable

Wall graphics have evolved enormously over the past decades. While older models and materials were sensitive to sun or water damage, modern graphics are guaranteed for decades, according to graphic design firms. They are easy to maintain, clean and their appearance is perfect every season. They are very durable, require little to no upkeep and will always deliver your message, without any additional work. Vinyl lettering, decals, and vinyl wall wraps are ideal for outdoor walls, even if you place them in very polluted or exposed areas.

They Are Cost-effective

Wall graphics are cheap — once you pay for them and their installation, there will be no costs involved. You can produce true-to-life landscapes and photographs. These impressive wall graphics will be the perfect way to send the message to your clients.