The Academic And Social Benefits Of Attending A Private School

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Private schools have a plethora of benefits for the students that attend them. Many argue that you are getting what you pay for when you choose to send your children to these schools. Not everyone is awarded the luxury of attending these social institutions, but they pay dividends socially and academically speaking. At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong method in choosing which school is right for your children. Both private and public institutions come equipped with a variety of pros and cons, and it’s up to you as the parents to conduct extensive research and make the appropriate decisions for your child based on the pros and cons of the different schools in your area.

The Benefits:

1. Better academic opportunities:

Some of the top private schools in Miami provide a high-quality and comprehensive education for all of the students in attendance. These environments provide enriching and rewarding opportunities for their students. Extracurricular activities, advanced placement courses, the IB program, gifted programs, etc. These classes are more conducive to students who excel and learn at a faster rate as opposed to their peers. Some of the best schools in Miami work diligently to ensure that their students excel in every aspect of school, socially and academically. Students in private schools perform well on standardized tests and college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. Due to this, a majority of the students are able to attend their dream school upon graduation.

2. Smaller classrooms:

Classrooms with fewer students pay dividends on all fronts. Smaller class sizes are more helpful and do not act as a hindrance to academic performance. The teacher in a classroom with fewer students is able to disperse his or her attention in a manner that’s more balanced. Students are able to build upon their strengths and weaknesses. The top private schools in Miami ensure that classroom size is chief amongst the list of priorities going into the new school year.

3. Increased parental involvement:

Private schools provide an open line of communication between the administration and parents. This is a top priority. Parents are paying top dollar for their children to attend the best schools in Miami — increased involvement is the least the school could do for them. Families are pivotal in the upbringing of the child, this is another way to be hands-on and invested in your child’s future endeavors.

4. Dedication from teachers:

Instructors are the ones who can make or break your academic experience. Some of the best schools in Miami have a plethora of educators who are fully invested in giving their students a rewarding and fulfilling academic experience. By learning within a more intimate environment, students are able to form bonds with their teachers, often times citing them as their role models years down the line after graduation. The condensed environment also allows for teachers to give students who need it, more one on one attention.

5. Safe environment:

The top private schools in Miami put a heavy emphasis on discipline and respect. Fewer staff and students leave room for more concerted levels of observation on school grounds. The feeling of being in a close-knit community also lessens the chances of anything dangerous occurring. Parents and students alike usually agree that these schools promote a safer environment, keeping them focused on the things that really matter most, such as education and extracurriculars.

6. Sufficient resources:

Students at one point or another are going to need to utilize the resources that are available to them, in some capacity. Whether it’s tutoring, sports activities or extracurriculars, students should be encouraged to grow and hone in on their interests and talents.

7. Implementation of modern technology:

With the money from tuition and donations, the schools have been able to update their academic resources in the classroom. Laptops and tablets will eventually be used in lieu of textbooks, and most private schools have the capability to completely upgrade the manner in which these classes are taught. The technology also has the full support of a service team that can correct any technical issues should they arise at any point.

8. Alumni networks:

Alumni associations will provide you with several resources once you graduate from a private school. For one, you will have a direct line of communication with professionals in a smattering of job fields.

9. Networking with parents:

Many of the private schools that parents send their kids to also offer opportunities for the parents. Events such as field trips, fundraisers, and other social outings, give parents the opportunity to meet others who come from a variety of different fields. This can include law, business, entertainment, journalism, etc. The possibilities are endless for whoever is involved.

10. Values and volunteering in your community:

Private schools, especially those with religious foundations, put a strong emphasis on personal values. Having a good set of core values really speaks volumes of who you are as a person. These academic institutions have a strict set of protocols in place for the students to follow. This is aimed at students to help them become mature adults and model citizens upon entering the real world. A lot of time and money has been invested in these children from their parents to the faculty, staff, and higher-ups in administration. These individuals will do the utmost to reinforce these principles.

11. You have choices:

The beauty of a private school is that no one will pigeon-hole you with your choices. The downside of public school is that you aren’t allowed free reign of control in the schools that you choose. You are zoned in a specific area, and if you try to go to a school that is too far out of the way in terms of distance from your home, they can deny you admission to their institution. This is almost never an issue with a private school, as the choice is centered around finances for the most part. If your family has the resources to send you to one of these elite schools, then rest assured that the process of applying and being accepted is more than feasible.

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