You’re Allowed to Reinvent Yourself

At 40, I made the decision to move myself, my two young daughters, my dog, and my cat 1339km away from the life I knew…and it was a great life. I owned a house across the street from an elementary school, had great local marketing and biz dev clients, lots of friends, and childcare every second weekend. Looking at my life from the outside, it looked ideal. But within me, I was bored, tired, wanting a better life for my daughters, and craving a big change. A change much more than a new throw pillow or a new coat of paint on the main floor of my house. I wanted to reinvent myself. I wanted to be free.

Now, I’m living on Vancouver Island in a mountain valley, close to the ocean, and being serenaded by chorus frogs at night. My kids are thriving and blooming and I give thanks every day that I made this huge jump. As hard as it was at times, it’s so worth it.

Now that I’ve made this leap, I’m attracting new marketing and biz dev clients that are in the same space I was. They’re still figuring out their path and sitting uncomfortably in the boxes that were created for them. They’re craving a change that will bring their passions back and move them from merely surviving to thriving. At some point, someone told them that in order to be successful, they only have to “do these 5 steps” or follow what everyone else is doing. For a creative, high vibe entrepreneur, this can suck the life right out of you. I know, I’ve been there.

In our conversations, I help them think outside of the boxes they’ve (or someone else) put themselves in and realize how close they are to their true passions. To think about who they really want to work with and how they want to work with them. This helps us find the beautiful place where their talents meet the impact they want to make in the world. From there, we make a plan to get their new business or direction noticed.

The hardest part of this transition is the deep feeling of starting over or believing that they wasted time. Especially when they start listing off all of pieces they’ll have to change — website content, tag lines, social media bios, and in some cases, a new business name, new domain, new website, new branding, a all feels overwhelming It’s way easier to stick with what you have and what you know than to jump into the unknown. Just as it would have been way easier to just stay in my house in Edmonton.

At this point, I’ll let my clients sleep on their new ideas — to give them time to think things over and make an educated decision for their business. 10 times out of 10, I have an email from them the next morning saying they want to move ahead and are excited about the change. Some even share new website content or concepts that they came up. Once they feel how the reinvention resonates on a soul level, they are totally on board, energized, and ready to take over the world.

If you’re stuck in your business right now or feeling bored or tired with the direction you’re taking:

  • Grab a sheet of paper and a pen (yes, we’re kicking it old school) and put a line down the middle. On one side of the paper, make a list of what makes you ridiculously happy. On the other side, write the skills and talents you have. Make sure you let everything flow into these lists, not just pieces you think will bring in income.
  • Find the intersection of these two lists — for me, helping high vibrational women find their path was on one of my lists and digital marketing and biz dev was on the other. This made my new business direction an easy one.
  • Write down all of your clients and customers, past and present. Circle the ones that were your favourite — knew what they wanted, had money to pay you up front, were great to work with, and communicated well. Do these clients fit into your intersection list above? Chances are, they do. This will help remind you that you’re already attracting the clients you want and your reinvention will likely bring in more amazing clients not less.
  • Sleep on it. Seriously, give yourself some time to let your new direction sink in and make sure it resonates at a soul level.

This exercise will work for business or even a personal reinvention. It takes you back to what really matters and where your happiness lies. This is a glorious place, I can promise you that.

I give you permission to reinvent yourself and to find the place where your heart and soul meets your passions. I give you permission to be ridiculously happy again. Go forth and be amazing. It’s time to be free.