I Have Been Bugging Them on the Internet

I have been bugging them on the internet. I have said many times to them on twitter/bookface/email that we should get together and break bread. Though none of them are responding to any of my requests of breaking bread. It is a good thing to break bread with someone you don’t agree with. Though Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yipyapilous (sorry I mean Yiannopoulos). Though if I offered they would surely come to break bread as the attention whores they are.

In my universities days I was a member of Confluence Psychology Club at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. I helped put our activities together. For a time I was in charge of activities. I got us to watch movies like DOES YOUR SOUL HAVE A COLD?, I thought of ideas to raise money(no one liked my calendar of me almost in odd places) and I got an Open Mic night, which I was host. I had this great idea of having Glenn Beck come to the school and speak. I did the research and found out that to get Glenn Beck to speak it was going to be $20,000 to have Glenn Beck to speak. That was an outrageous price to have. In most cases we had a budget of $50-$200. There is an end of the year shin dig, where we have a speaker come in and talk. The budget for that is $2000. How was I going to get $20,000 to have Glenn beck come to speak?

I don’t like Glenn beck. I don’t agree with anything he has to say. On one of his programs he was talking about having a program for apprentices on his show. I applied, he never got back to me. I still haven’t seen him start an apprentice for his network. I search voices that I loathe and attempt to listen to them. I will read books by people I detest. That is why I have read books by Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Ayn Rand, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yipyapilous (again sorry I mean Yiannopoulos). Though I would never buy the books. I will read them in the stores or at the public library (but never check them out. I doubt they would buy any of mine(To Hear Her Sing, To Mother, Ceic (Transcending Towards Pseudo Vagina), Premature Emasculation- please go buy them I am sick to death of starving.)

I could see why anyone would have trouble with the likes of Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro & Milo Yipyapilous (sorry, sorry, and sorry…I promise not to that again. His name is Yiannopoulos), though seriously I can understand the furor, reaction and anger when they speak. Especially on college and university campuses. If someone is coming to speak at a school, college, or university it should always be used as some sort of educational experience. With the likes of Spencer, Coulter, Shapiro & Yipyapilous it should always be used as a learning tool. They should be forced as much as possible to have round table discussions. I would live to see them each on their own or even together with the likes Cornel West, Jello Biafra, Gloria Steinem, Mumia Abu Jamal and the poetess Vena Ash.

When it comes to the schools, colleges & universities the money that used to bring in a speaker is used from students funds. So of course the students have a right to be angered. The wasteful administration already takes a lot of money, so do coaches of sports (but athletes doing the work never get much) & don’t get me on the sdrawkcab insanity of the cost of books9especially the books that can’t be sold back).

Most of these people Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro & Milo Yipyapilous (sorry about that. And I forgot the last one. I will not let that happen again, I be a professional. Milo’s last name is Yiannopoulos). Though still it’s not like they don’t have any other place to speak. They have other choices of places, probably even more money than a university. They hide like cowards behind freedom of speech, but then get mad at how people react. If one is going to say some of things they each say than they should expect protests. Not once have I ever seen any of them not take softball questions. They have no connection to the words they are spewing, its all reactions and profit.

Though still I have asked Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro & Milo Yipyapilous out to dinner to the chines buffet out here in East Los Angeles. I even offered to pay. They probably want $20,000 grand like they do with sprechens, sorry I mean speeches. By using German in referring to any of them being Nazis and Fascist only puts down the beautiful language that is German. When it comes to this ilk they need to be challenged, especially their individual and collective ideas. I am not going to give credence to their fascist specific words. But when someone like Ann Coulter says “Donald Trump is our Emperor God”? That is obviously for reaction and very fascist. Or when Spencer is at some Southern Monument saying that “They are trying to replace us white people”? I cannot help but laugh.

It is good people like this are out there and speaking. I have this need of places i frequent to either shop,dine or lounge in to put their political, religious affiliations & whom they donate to on their doors. It has been said that the personal is political. I have always felt that everything is political. It is a travesty of being alive in these present times. These current dark ages. I look out into the world before me, and weep with horror. I see the mistakes we are making, and throw my phone against the wall. I hear the words of our parasitic sdrawkcab politicians and throw my television out the window. Each one of them are useless & are the epitome of why government needs to be neutered, castrated and volunteer and everyone involved. It isn’t much to ask that all foreign U.S. Military bases be turned into Punk//Goth/Improv/Hip Hop bars and libraries? Or maybe I ask too much. We definitely need to get off our bland addiction to the Republicans & Democrats & Libertarians (Republicratarians as I call them! !!) as well as military spening and oil and the pathetic drug war, but i digress. -Anyhoodle.

I will go on asking Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro & Milo Yipyapilous out to dinner to the chines buffet out here in East Los Angeles on twitter at . I will continue to offer to pay, and of course I’d put up on Bookface,Live Stream. Though none of them are responding to any of my requests of breaking bread. It is a good thing to break bread with someone you don’t agree with. Though Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yipyapilous (sorry I mean Yiannopoulos) still will sadly not reply to my consistent asking to the breaking of bread. Chinese Buffets are a great place to break bread, especially with someone one doesn’t agree with. It is something we need more of in this world. If you see someone laying on the ground just out cold, ask them if they want to go eat at a Chinese Buffet, ya know a synagogue, church, mosque, government or any of the alphabet gangs won’t do it.