I’m Not Over You (And Probably Never Will Be)

Photo by Dave Webb on Unsplash
Photo by Gianni Zanato on Unsplash

But I will never be over you
I will never move on.
Even when I get over you,
Part of me will belong
To you forever…
’Cause I will never be over you
Even when I move on.
~ “Over You,” Marc Scibilia

I do not care how awful it was when it ended or how much you cannot tolerate the person now, there is always that moment when you met them. There is always that “one time” when that person was your world or made you feel like you were the world. It may have been long ago, but it is not gone from your existence entirely. It is why when you hear “that song” on the radio, or drive down that one road, no matter how long it has been, your heart still remembers that moment of love as if it were yesterday.

Honest writing about the "spectrum" of life, love, and parenting two teens (one with autism). Aspiring author. Follow me on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2H5nnaa

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